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a devotion told by Cartura

Santuzza tells an important aspect of the city and of the people of Catania: the love for Sant’Agata. A devotion told by the visions of the Cartura workshop and by its ‘Buona’ project, an artistic homage that portrays an unconventional Saint through the paintings displayed in every space of the hotel.

Cartura is now an island that dreams of getting lost at sea.
Her world is a paper planisphere that fears neither water nor fire, her sea a large lake on which to skate with the lightness of a whisper.


The Shop

The Catanese art workshop which since 1998 has made itself known in Italy and abroad in particular for its paper processing and the artistic reinvention of disused objects (hence Cartura as an acronym for paper and garbage), has invented , designed, built artistic productions within the recovery of paper and cardboard, developing a language and a unique style, recognizable today in a signature and in a way of conceiving art and manual work: “Cartourismo”.

The historic site in via Passo di Aci in Catania becomes the place where poetic and at the same time surreal scenarios materialize through drawing, sculpture and painting.

Alfredo Guglielmino master and founder of Cartura together with the partners, “Giuvini” who have become “Masters”: Elena Cantarella, Calogero La Bella and Carola Valente, increasingly invent and produce cultural artistic projects, transforming things and places, telling stories and characters, so they open the doors of the imagination, enveloping the viewer in spaces of creativity and action.


Tribute to Sant'Agata

Every February, since 2013, the masters of Cartura, in the intimate spaces of their workshop, make their vow to Sant’Agata by dedicating original artistic installations to it and reinterpreting its icons and celebratory customs: wooden stairways act as an altar to the sculptural images of Santuzza, of chairs and sculptures are transformed into candlelight, while paper canvases portray an Agatha with multiple faces.

Waiting for Agata to return next year, beautiful and good as always, Cartura has embraced the Catania project Santuzza, a newly conceived hotel whose image and name are strongly linked to the patron saint of Catania and which welcomes in its spaces many of the works of the exhibition “Buona” in a faithful and original reading at the same time.

Agata is a Queen with a languid gaze, her skin is as white as icing, she wears dresses with decorations that look like candied sweets and her headgear is a soft crown of meringue, a woman so good and generous as to offer us her sweet breasts filled with ricotta which it’s so hard to refuse.

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